ADSI Helps McDavid Solve A Shipping System Emergency

McDavid Calls on ADSI to Solve a Shipping mcdavidSystem Emergency

McDavid manufactures and sells sports medicine equipment and performance wear for athletics to big box retailers, professional, college and high school teams, trainers and trainer supply groups and via their website

The company faced a serious challenge when its shipping system vendor went out of business. “We were under the gun to find a partner that truly understands what it takes to support our retail customers,” said McDavid’s Director of IT. “Additionally, we had no room for implementation delays, so we were looking for a company that could provide almost a turnkey solution to replace our legacy system, with no hiccups in the ‘go live’ date.”

The company chose ADSI’s integrated order packing, shipment consolidation and shipping software to streamline order fulfillment.

ADSI met McDavid’s aggressive go live schedule without a hitch. ADSI’s shipping software also delivered new functionality that sped up McDavid’s fulfillment workflow.


  • Succeed in implementing new shipping system on time, without interruptions in customer deliveries
  • Eliminated errors in order fulfillment process
  • Gained 100% vendor compliance with retail service requirements
  • Eliminated bottlenecks in order packing/shipping lines
  • Reduced labor by eliminating manual labeling processes

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