A Pocket-Sized Shipping System?

ADSI Continues to Mobilize Its Order Packing, Dimensioning and Shipping Solutions

Is a “pocket-sized” shipping system in your future? We think it is. As the race for smaller, friendlier and faster mobile computers continues to take the personal and business computing by storm, it’s also driving new creativity in the warehouse.

tc8000 pictureAt ADSI, we think it’s a great time to be in the logistics technology space. We began working with mobile computers decades ago when we launched our multi-carrier shipping software company, so we’re confident in our ability to help our customers get the most out of their hardware.

We’ve also developed and configured software for every generation of mobile computers since, so we’ve been part of the transformation. We’re delighted to see how far and fast the mobile technology is evolving now.

Right now, we’re getting ready to launch the latest versions of our order packing software and shipping software on the industry’s newest ergonomic mobile computers such as the Zebra TC8000DSC_0054 and the soon-to-be released wearable computers and ring scanners.

We also continue to enhance Size-IT, our cordless scanner and package dimensioner, which works with Ship-IT™ as well as FedEx® Ship Manager and UPS WorldShip® software. Size-IT also works well for companies who want to capture dimensions in their receiving operations.

Our product line also includes mobile printers that are rugged, reliant and small enough for employees to wear for on-the-go printing. Talk about eliminating excess time and steps spent walking back and forth to fixed printer stations.

All of these mobility solutions are driving logistics technology to the world of robust pocket-sized, supply chain tools for a highly mobile warehouse staff. We’re not far from a day when workers will come to work, pick up a user-tailored smart device that handles everything from receiving to inventory tracking, order packing, shipping and tracking, with real time updates to the customer. Oh, and it will be voice-enabled to guide its user through their workday.

Imagine what the supply chain world will look like.

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