802.11AC Product Portfolio

A 802.11AC Product Portfolio that Meets the Bandwidth Demand Today and in the Future

Optimize network performanceDemand for bandwidth is skyrocketing. Billions of devices communicating with one another, more mobile devices per user, cellular offloading, bring-your-own-device initiatives, bandwidth-hungry apps and cloud computing– these transformative trends can strain your wireless network to its limit. With Zebra’s 802.11ac wireless LAN, you’re ready.

Optimize Network Performance

Redundant by design, rapid to install and optimized for service, the Zebra suite of new indoor and outdoor 802.11ac access points (APs) delivers faster speeds ideal for mobile video and streaming media apps. With this solution, you’ll extend intelligence to the edge, mitigate security threats, and gain critical visibility into your operations with location awareness and analytics.

802.11AC INFOGRAPHIC IMAGE SAMPLECompact, Yet Powerful

Powerful yet unobtrusive, these new 802.11ac APs are some of the smallest on the market. You can “hide them in plain sight,” whether they are mounted on ceilings or walls.

Features and Benefits

  • The Network that Outruns Demand – To handle high volume demands, your network must be engineered for massive throughput and dense environments. With the breakneck speed of Zebra’s  802.11ac products, your network can connect to more mobile clients, widen channels and double the number of spatial streams that 802.11n offered. Applications gain the bandwidth needed for crisp, clear connectivity.
  • Distributed Intelligence Makes Sense – By distributing control-plane intelligence to the APs, Zebra’s WiNG 5 enterprise-grade operating system can load balance, mitigate interference, and self-heal to bolster coverage and performance. That same distributed intelligence also tightens security and builds in greater resiliency and survivability. Learn why this innovation is a proven success.
  • The Need for Speed – Increase the speed of your network and you increase the available airtime for wireless communications. Compared with an 802.11n network, today’s 802.11ac revs up 33 percent more network speed and capacity – particularly important as more wireless support 802.11ac and replace legacy devices.
  • Disruptivve in Market Pricing, Small in Size, Big in Value –  Zebra’s Enterprise 802.11ac product portfolio – AP 7532, AP 7522, AP 7562 and AP 7502 – meets the demand for tomorrow’s bandwith requirements. Its compact size makes it easy to install in hotels, classrooms, patient rooms and apartments, while its understated, tamper-proof design easily blends and hides in plain sight. Deployment and management couldn’t be easier or faster — the AP 7502 can be installed in just a few minutes, automatically configured and managed remotely. And locationing support, including Bluetooth® SMART, offers a world of new applications to enhance business.


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